EVA Distillery

EVA Distilleries is the basis of all the products identical to Lesvos’ culture, since 1995. Its principal aim is to introduce Lesvos worldwide, through the taste of ouzo. And we manage to do it, our products traveling throughout Europe, America, Asia and Australia.

The mellow Dimino, the light and of high quality MITILINI, the inspired from eastern mysteries SERTIKO and the famous for its unique taste and the aesthetics of its package MASTIC TEARS liqueur, will take you for a trip from one side of this Northeastern Aegean island, to the other.

“LESVOS INSIDER”, was created by a group of young people. The whole process took us off our feet, placed us into the position of a guide who shows the visitor around in order for the latter to discover and admire the obvious but also the most hidden parts of this place and to love it, as much as we do.


We hope you enjoy, trust and keep this guide, in your travel collection!


Visit our website for more information about EVA: http://www.eva-distillery.gr/en


The team behind Lesvos Insider is:

Konstantinos Spiridakos, Chief Editor
Olga Saliampoukou, Photographer (photolgaphy.gr)
Achilleas Kiachagias, Designer (newpixels.gr)
Pavlos Avagianos, Cinematographer (digapictures.gr)
B.Ch., Translator
Doukas Printing Services

Kyriaki Iatropouli, Project Manager (followsunday.com)
Pavlos Avagianos, Cinematographer (digapictures.gr)
Maria Panagou, Food Blogger (tzetzeres.gr)
Georgina Malavazou, Art Director (druantiadesign.com)
Vagelis Dimitroulas, Web Developer (nidus.gr)